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Reimagining In-Flight Shopping with JetMenu

User-friendly mobile app for JetMenu, enhancing the in-flight shopping experience with seamless access to meals, entertainment, and duty-free items.

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Our Role

The Challenge:

JetMenu aimed to revolutionize the in-flight shopping experience for airline passengers by enabling purchases of meals, beverages, internet access, entertainment, and duty-free items during flights. Despite the innovative vision, the challenge lay in designing a seamless, convenient shopping experience that would resonate with passengers’ needs and behaviors, thereby increasing sales revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The Solution:

To address these challenges, a strategic approach focusing on user needs and behaviors was adopted. Recognizing that a significant portion of passengers preferred convenience and seamless shopping experiences, the design process emphasized ease of use. Key assumptions included the low pre-ordering rates and the limited usage of the airline’s mobile app for purchases, indicating an opportunity to improve and promote the app’s features.

The Approach:

The solution involved designing a mobile app tailored to enhance the in-flight shopping experience. The app aimed to address slow website/app loading times, connectivity issues, and the lack of entertainment options, which were identified as major pain points through comprehensive user research. Personas such as “Frequent Flyer Farrah,” “Rare Traveler Brenda,” and “Price-Sensitive Paul” were developed to represent the diverse user base, guiding the design to cater to varied preferences and needs.

Design Implementation

The design process encompassed competitor analysis, user research, and the development of personas to inform the design thinking process. A mobile app was chosen as the optimal solution due to its potential for interactive features, offline access, and alignment with daily smartphone usage. The app blueprint included user flows for both customers and flight attendants, focusing on in-flight food orders and entertainment requests. Low-fidelity prototypes evolved into high-fidelity prototypes, incorporating branding elements and a user-friendly interface to facilitate easy navigation and purchases.


The JetMenu project successfully delivered a user-centric mobile app that revolutionized the in-flight shopping experience. By tackling the identified challenges with a strategic design approach, the app significantly improved user satisfaction, engagement, and sales revenue. The project exemplified the importance of understanding user needs, thorough research, and iterative design in creating solutions that not only meet business objectives but also enhance the overall customer experience.

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