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A New Chapter for Learning Point: Redesigning for the Future


Learning Point 





Our Role

The Challenge:

Learning Point, a leading education provider, sought to revamp their website to match the modern and contemporary design of their other digital assets, like the previously redesigned website. Faced with the constraints of Wix’s template-based platform, the project aimed to enhance user experience while adhering to a simple design guide, focusing on color simplification, font standardization, and the creation of a comprehensive icon library for their EdTech systems.

The Solution:

The redesign initiative began with the development of a concise design guide. The guide focused on streamlining the color palette to include a mix of Light (#E8F1F4), Dark Blue (#0D1A28), Accent Yellow (#F7FC00), and other complementary colors, ensuring a cohesive and modern aesthetic across the website. The typography was standardized around the Inter and Gilroy font families, chosen for their readability and contemporary feel. An extensive icon library was also created, aimed at enhancing the visual communication of Learning Point’s EdTech offerings.

The Approach:

The design team embarked on this project by first establishing a clear and concise design system, documented meticulously for both current needs and future expansions. The system detailed the brand colors, typography, app icons, UI components, and states – providing a solid foundation for the Wix platform redesign. Despite the limitations of working within a predetermined template, strategic decisions in color use, typographic hierarchy, and iconography allowed for a significant transformation of Learning Point’s online presence.

Before vs After (Web pages)



The website overhaul for Learning Point on the Wix platform, guided by a detailed design system, successfully balanced creative freedom with platform constraints. The refreshed website not only aligns with modern design trends but also offers an improved user experience, showcasing Learning Point’s commitment to quality education through a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate online platform. This project illustrates how thoughtful design can overcome technical limitations to deliver a compelling digital experience.

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